Our Irrigation System

2014_EmailBlast_Pictures_OUR_Layered_375x250_IrrigationSystemCome to the Falls Park Farmers Market
this Saturday from 8am to 1pm!

How do you know when produce is good? You can tell by the taste, the freshness, and of course, the CRUNCH! And you’ll only find the best produce at the Falls Park Farmers Market, this Saturday 8am-1pm.

We have plenty of veggies to choose from this weekend, including fresh radishes, turnips, cucumbers, kale and a wide assortment of lettuce and salad greens. And now you can spice up all of those tasty veggies with some of our special salad dressings, new this year at the market! Also, make sure to check out our pasta, coffee and baked goods.

As you can see there are plenty of good reasons to head down to the Falls Park Farmers Market this Saturday 8am-1pm. See you then!