The Original CORN PIE

“The Original CORN PIE” is a small family business in Sioux Falls. We launched our business idea in 2020 based on a Mexican family recipe for generations with the opportunity to bring benefits through a very different experience with an authentic product made with real ingredients.

“The Original CORN PIE” is a gourmet and delicious dessert made with real corn, for everybody but specifically for those who are looking for new and authentic experiences, quality and things out of the ordinary. And, of course, for corn lovers.

It is a dessert for those relaxing moments to enjoy slowly and calmly, savoring its flavor and texture, in special moments and formidable events. “The Original CORN PIE” was born in mid-2020 and has been tested by many customers receiving a lot of positive feedback. We have experienced satisfaction.

Later it was launched in early 2021 to the formal market in a kiosk in The Empire Mall, allowing us to make ourselves known and getting formality for our business.

Currently, in order to reach a variety of potential customers and more visibility we have been participating in different types of cultural and public family events in the city, farmers markets and some private events.

“The Original CORN PIE” began with its unique and original version. Today, we have three different versions: Original, Cinnamon and the Gluten Free version for those with specific needs.

Recently, we have also introduced a typical Mexican pork dish as a savory entree to complement our sweet dessert, offering the same authenticity.

The principal values of “The Original CORN PIE” are:

  1. PERSEVERANCE – an attribute of discipline,
  2. LOVE, and

Our business is to offer our customers a sweet and memorable experience!