Sweetgrass Soapery

Sweetgrass Soapery
Miranda Koltze
1306 E. Cedar St.
Brandon SD 57005
(605) 321-7461

Sweetgrass Soapery began in 2012 with a small batch of lard soap made in our home kitchen. A hard look at our own bath and body products led us to a journey in natural, healthful, and eco friendly soaps and other natural, bath, beauty, and relaxation items. We produce soaps, shaving soaps, bath fizzies, salts, solid lotions and balms, incense and herbs, and handcrafted accessories such as soap dishes and shaving bowls. Most products contain ingredients from our 8 acre farm, which is chemical free. We love to use natural additives such as herb and plant powders for coloration and texture. We strive to use locally sourced ingredients, if not from the farm.

Our soaps are made by hand using the lye process in combination with oils/fats, essential oils, and natural additives like activated charcoal, herb powders, finely ground oatmeal and juniper berries etc. One of our best sellers is Mulberry Patchouli, which features mulberries from our own trees. We believe in keeping our ingredients simple, wholesome and mindful of their origin.

We also produce bath fizzies, salts, teas using natural pink himalayan salt, dried herbs, epsom salts, and essential oils. I also like to “paint” the fizzies using a herb powders and vegetable glycerine for colors. These have been a best seller for the last 6 months.
I’m a full time tattoo artist, which carries over to my soaping in the form of artistic swirling, and experimentation with natural colors to produce eye pleasing products. I also feature this on my shaving soap bowls which are woodburned with designs that are inspired by tattooing.

We make salves, lotions, balms and scrubs from a combination of natural butters and my own beeswax and honey. Some are scented with essential oils, or infused with dried herbs.

We grow, gather, braid or bundle herbs such as Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar, Dandelion, Plantain from our farm as well. These provide incense, natural soap additives, and teas.

Products that will be available at the 2017 Falls Park Famer’s Market include:

  • Soap
  • Shaving Soap
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Teas
  • Bath Fizzies
  • Foot/Hand Soaks
  • Foot/Hand/Face scrubs
  • Solid Lotions
  • Body Butters
  • Shower Steamers
  • Lip Balms
  • Hand Salves
  • Bundled/Braided Herbs
  • Herb Sachets
  • Incense
  • Soap Dishes/savers
  • Shaving bowls/Brushes
  • Natural Loofa