Sunnyside Gardens

Peter & Marsha Nikkel
Pipestone, MN

Greenhouse -507 825 2465
Pete’s Cell – 507 820 5470

Feel free to call or email with orders for Saturday morning market! Credit / Debit Cards accepted

Will do custom planting / potting, bring your pot to market Sat morn, and will bring it back next week!



  • Fresh European Cucumbers available starting in May. Also called English Cucumbers, these cucumbers are 8”-12” long, thin skinned, seedless and burpless! You can peel them or simply slice them! No bitter peel!
  • Fresh homegrown tomatoes available usually starting in early July.
  • Fresh Bell Peppers : Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Ivory … And try the orangesickle- looks hot but its bright orange and sweet! Perfectly fun to brighten up those relish plates and salads!

Spring annual flowers:

  • Spring bedding plants in cell packs, annuals in 4.3” including Proven Winners, tropical and others in 6”, climbing vines in 4.5” and gallon pots including candy corn, black eye susan, lopho great cascade wine red, morning glory and more, and LOTS OF SUCCULENTS! Fairy or miniature gardens are a great way that anybody can garden, no matter how much or little room you have! Just ask, and we can show you which varieties will work great for that!!!
  • We also have lots of herbs including, scented geraniums, lemon verbena, mints, basils, rosemary, lavenders, parsley and many more!
  • Hanging Baskets! 10”, 12”, and some larger ones. Single kinds and lots of mixes!
  • Combination pots and planters GREAT FOR MOTHERS DAY OR MEMORIAL DAY, or any other special event or just for the summer!
  • Lots of plants for SHADE! Including: Nonstop begonias, solenia begonia, reiger begonia, ivy’s, and other foliage type plants, impatiens, and many more!

Summer Flowers:

  • While we have some perennials in May, we bring our biggest perennial assortment starting in June. Look for all kinds of perennials, from sun loving dinner plate perennial hibiscus to lamb’s ear or yucca or on to shade loving aralia (Japanese spikenard-NEW) and colorful hosta leaves! Perennial climbing vines like clematis, honeysuckle, and others are great for fences, boston ivy is great for walls!
  • Summer also has colorful bushy pots and planters, and hanging baskets, or pick up some succulents for that really hot spot or patio table! We continue to bring some 4” annuals, so you can fill those empty holes in your pots! Tropicals like mandevilla, bougainvillea, hibiscus and more love this time of year!

Fall Flowers:

  • Fall mums in 8”, and various larger sizes, mixed colors, bushel baskets, ready to go and just right for adding to that warm fall feeling! We continue to bring perennials, especially fall blooming varieties.