Little Shire Farm

Little Shire Farm
John & Lisa Zuhlke
47750 214th Street
Aurora, SD 57002

We are John and Lisa, owners of Little Shire Farm – ‘The Shire’s Honeys’.  We began our love for raising our own food as children with our hands in black Nebraska soil. Lisa had always worked in horticulture, and continued that love into her undergraduate studies.  In 2000, John looking for some agriculture adventure traveled to Norway to study Agroecology, fell in love with sustainable ag, and worked on Fukhol Gard (Farm) in Stange, NO.  In 2005, we decided to begin a market farm and CSA enterprise of our own just outside of Lincoln, NE.

Over the past two decades we have worked with numerous gifted farmers in several states, helping develop community gardens, farmers markets, and even a new farmer training site.  After several years of remodeling an acreage in rural Brookings County, in 2016 we formally joined our family’s 30-year business of beekeeping and decided that it was time to start our journey back into what we love the most…sustainable agriculture.  We now grow about 4 acres of veggies/orchard, with 1,900 square foot in our greenhouses, and offer a small highly diverse CSA program.  With our hands deep into beekeeping now, we offer up an array of raw honeys…from SD during the summer (Clover), and Northern Florida, Texas, and California (Eucalyptus, Tupila, Orange Blossom, Wildflower, and more) where we take our bees to pollinate crops during the winter months.  We also teach a few classes in novice beekeeping for local organizations and schools.

In 2017, we started our raw and infused honey venture with great reviews, evolving into multiple flavors available in over 20 stores across South and North Dakota, and Minnesota.  In 2020, we expanded into several other handmade natural products.  Now in 2021 we are expanding our products a bit further with freeze dried locally sourced veggies and fruits, creamed honeys (requested a lot…YUM!), and several types of honey candies.  Our apple orchard has begun to produce quite nicely, and will be available in-season.

Our goal: Provide a superior all-natural product from our family to yours.  ENJOY!

Products available at the Fall’s Park Farmers Market include:

  • Raw Honeys
  • Infused Honeys – Over 14 Varieties
  • Whipped/Creamed Raw and Infused Honeys
  • Beeswax
  • Beeswax Candles
  • Beeswax Wood Conditioner
  • Over 80 types of pepper plants and herbs
  • Honey Confections – Marshmallows, Candies, and Gummies
  • Freeze-Dried Local Fruits and Veggies
  • All-Natural Extracts
  • A Sampling of Breads from our very own grown and ground meals
  • Bean Seeds – A selection of our 50+ varieties of heirloom bean seeds for your garden
  • Apples
  • Apple Cider (In-season)