Kettle King Kettle Korn

Kettle King Kettle Korn
Glenn & Cheryl Wollman

I have always loved to pop popcorn. I ran the popcorn popper at the sporting events in high school. After seeing someone else doing kettle corn. I thought I could too. It took several years to get started though. I bought a cast iron rendering kettle. A friend of mine is a good welder so we built a popper. That was 2003. I did my first event that fall. Since then we bought a used kettle & modified it. Now we do about 30 to 40 events a year. We are very happy to join the FALLS PARK FARMERS MARKET this summer.

We make 4 flavours. 

  • Kettle korn
  • Caramel korn
  • Red hot cinnamon
  • Blue raspberry

Also we will have fresh squeezed lemonade available.