Forrest’s Fresh Peanut Butter

Hello! We are Jonah and Chloe, owners and operators of Forrest’s Fresh (named after our baby nephew, who LOVES peanut butter)! We fell in love with local food the first time we tasted produce from our garden and have never looked back. We strive to make a delicious snack that doesn’t compromise healthy, real ingredients and sustainable packaging. As life-long Sioux Falls residents, we have loved watching our community grow, and all of the local businesses that make our city what it is. And we are so happy to be a part of it! Our goal is to expand the products we can offer beyond just peanut butter to better serve our communities needs.

Forrest’s Fresh is unlike store bought peanut butters, which sit on the shelves for months before purchase. Because we grind fresh, we can skip out on preservatives like hydrogenated vegetable oils. We are able to avoid cane sugar and corn syrup, because we choose to sweeten with organic Grade A maple syrup, and locally sourced raw honey. We package in reusable glass jars, and use paper labels, so every aspect of your purchase can be guilt free!

We have a passion for supporting our local economy, so all of our ingredients are purchased through local providers, and our honey is sourced from Split Rock Honey in Brandon, SD. If you want a healthy snack that doesn’t compromise being absolutely delicious, then look no further. Forrest’s Fresh Peanut Butter is a yummy local treat best spread on toast, mixed into morning oats, or scooped directly into your mouth!