Farm Life Creamery

Laura Klock & Chad Blase
Crooks, SD
(605) 999-9824 or (605) 999-9414


Gary and Amy Blase each grew up on dairy farms. They started their married life with a dairy of their own in 1972 and raised their three children on the farm. Eldest son, Chad Blase, returned to the farm in 2016 to help his parents, but shortly thereafter, the milk prices plummeted causing the Blase Family (like so many small dairy farms!) to consider some major changes, including, sell the farm, or create their own products. Chad’s partner Laura Klock had been involved in the family discussions, and heard their thoughts about starting a creamery in an effort to turn their Grade A milk into profitable consumer products instead of selling their raw milk at a loss. A self–proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” with an education in marketing and a desire to help keep the Blase’s family farm alive, Laura began to research, seeking out anyone who might have some experience or advice to share on the topic. The quest led them to Valley Side Farm Cheese in Crooks, South Dakota, which had equipment and inventory for sale, but also a knowledgeable owner willing to teach Chad and Laura the ways of making cheese. The rest, as they say, is history.

Farm Life Creamery was born. With Chad and Laura as its owners, and Gary and Amy continuing their dairy, they now handcraft small batch cheese using Grade A milk from their family’s Holstein Herd in Ethan, South Dakota. Fresh, squeaky cheddar Cheese Curds allowed Farm Life Creamery to get their brand to market fast, taking this delicious cheddar cheese directly out of the vat and delivering it fresh to you! Farm Life Creamery has been gaining new cheese fans and adding to the flavor list and product line. Currently they make over 40 flavors of cheese curds, as well as a large variety of cheddar aged a minimum of 3 weeks, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Colby, Cotswold, and their own “Chocolate Cheddar”.

Minimally processed, safe, fresh milk.

After mastering cheese making, Farm Life Creamery became the only small, on-farm, Grade A licensed bottling plant in the state of South Dakota! Grade A milk from their own herd of Holstein cows is collected and bottled fresh. They pasteurize low and slow, but nothing else, leaving their milk as close to its natural state as possible. Because their milk is non-homogenized, the cream rises to the top. SHAKE IT UP and enjoy. Farm Life Creamery bottled milk is the most natural form of cow’s milk that can be purchased on a store shelf. What a great option for your family!

And now, they make ice cream too!