Dried Fruit au Natural

Dried Fruit au Natural, LLC
Created in 2021
Owner: Joe Niechwiadowicz (knee-shadow-witz)
Location: Sioux Falls

I originally started drying fruit to give my children some healthy snacks, Apples and bananas were the staples and I could not keep up with them as they finished them as soon as I dehydrated them.
As I got close to retirement I was looking for something to do and have fun with. Someone sold me 200 lbs of Kiwi and Dried Fruit au Natural was created. Tried all types of fruit some a success others not so much. At one time had about 15 fruits.
One thing I always was particular about “All Natural, no preservatives, no added sugars”. And as many times as possible I try to use organic fruit.
My children loved my snack mix and convinced me to try it. I now offer 5 different varieties. Then a client wanted flavored pretzels. Now I offer 4 flavors.