Muy Caliente

Henry and I enjoy a local Mexican restaurant. We (Henry) is not an extremely adventuresome eater so we order something safe, fajitas. We always order the same. And we share the huge meal.

Pollo Faliz; Happy Chicken.

Our favorite waiter knows us. He nods and smiles as we come through the door. And hustles to the kitchen. If Jose is not working, we must use what little Spanish we know to convince the waitresses to make our fajitas exactly the way we like them.

Muy: very.

Calente: hot.

Sizzle,” we add. Even the sound of this word is understandable.

Rojo: red.

Pemienta: peppers, we ask. Henry really does not like green peppers.

Extra is extra and cheese is queso. Heads nod and smiles smile. In minutes we are enjoying chips and salsa.

Could I make fajitas at home? I could. I should. Especially when the gardens are pumping out the best red, orange, and yellow peppers and sweetest onions ever.

And I did. When the kids were home, fajitas was the favorite and most requested birthday meal. Lots of sizzle. Lots of aroma. Our house smelled good for days!!

Peppers are seeded and showing green leaves. Whose birthday is next?