Boots and Balance

Your weather,” said our Mexican waiter, trying to make conversation, “so strange.”

Up came his hands. “Snow!”

Down went his hands. “Sunshine!”

Up with his hands, “Rain and snow!”

He shook his head, “Sunshine?”

And he didn’t mention the worst of it … MUD.

We have been slithering in mud for weeks! Snow mud is the worst. It’s slippery! It clings to your feet.

And wagon tires? Oh, my! The mud clings and the tires get larger and larger until the axles are totally immobile from all the mud.

The next day, the mud is frozen into chunks. It may fall off with a good hard kick and it may not. Ka’thump. Ka’thump goes the wagon.

We slithered. And we pulled. And we walked carefully. But we managed to seed and plant and transplant and water and seed some more. Planting schedules must be kept. Spring is coming. Falls Park Farmers Market opens SOON. May 5 to be exact.

And our crops must be ready. People are hungry for real food. Real FRESH food. Food only a day out of the field. Local. And Fresh. And we farmers will do our best to provide.

Aiden lost it. Literally. His boots stuck in the mud and he lost boots and balance. Big Brother tried pulling him out.

When jeans and socks were removed, mud had found its way into his underwear! Mommy washed her boy, wrapped him in a bath towel, and bundled him into the car.

Daddy sprayed off his muddy clothes at the car wash.