Orange is the Hot Color This Weekend!

Seems like orange is the go to color this time of year and we have plenty of options available to help you stay on trend. From our eye-catching carrots to perfectly ghoulish pumpkins, the Farmers Market can help you fashion an orange extravaganza perfect for celebrating fall.

Speaking of carrots, have you tried roasting them in brown butter and sage? Turn this side dish into the star of the show. It’s super easy and they’ll have everyone wanting more.

Now’s the time to start stocking up for the cold days ahead. We’ll have plenty of squash, beets, onions and potatoes plus lots of other delicious produce. As always, there will be fresh flowers, coffee, tea, pizza, pasta, breads, meats and so much more!

Embrace the fall and join us Saturday morning from 8 am to 1 pm in beautiful Falls Park.

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides

While you’re checking out the Falls Park Farmers Market this Saturday, save some time for a horse-drawn wagon ride from McCrossan Boys Ranch. It’s a great way to enjoy a ride through the park. We know how you love the park. Rides will be available from 9 am to noon for a free-will donation.

Start Rooting for Carrots

Want to up your carrot game from ranch dip to a warm and satisfying dish? Start with this super-easy recipe:
Toss cleaned carrots with olive oil, salt & pepper
Roast at 450 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until soft
Saute roasted carrots in butter with chopped,
fresh sage leaves until butter browns

Savory or sweet, gourds make for tasty treats and hearty additions to your fall stews and soups! They also make great decorations in the fall!

Technically, the green bean is a fruit. The Supreme Court ruled in 1883 that it is a “fruit of the vine”. Fruit or veggie, they’re delicious!

Are you making fresh salsa and want to peel your tomatoes fast? Boil them for 20-30 seconds then drop them into ice water. You’ll be able to pull the peels right off!