Whether you say Tom-AY-to or Tom-AH-to, it’s that season!

What do you do with a perfectly ripe tomato? Are you a salt and pepper person or do you sprinkle on sugar? Do you like them simply sliced and fresh or made into your favorite salsa or pasta sauce? On a salad or a sandwich? As far as we’re concerned, there’s no wrong way to eat a tomato!

With the abundance of tomatoes hitting the market this summer, we suggest you try the classic Caprese salad. Say it as kah-prey-zey so when you tell your friends, they’ll think you spent a week in Italy. Check out the super simple recipe below!

This Saturday the market will also be brimming with sweet corn, beets, potatoes, beans, onions and even some fresh garlic. Lots of carrots, turnips, kohlrabi, summer squash and the first of the Brussels sprouts are here too!  As always we’ll have fresh coffee, tea, pizza, pasta, breads, meats and so much more!

See you on Saturday!

Did you know you can roast watermelon seeds and eat them like sunflower seeds? It’s like a snack within a snack!

Bigger isn’t always better! When choosing your zucchini, look for small to medium sized veggies to maximize your flavor.

Cauliflower grows in heavy green leaves that protect it from sunlight. It stays white because chlorophyll can’t develop.