For Crying Out Loud…

07881613-9cd6-43a7-90f7-e1eaa2b26d9aGet to Falls Park Farmers Market. Saturday is the last market of the year, so stop down for your favorite vegetables and grab them by the dozen. Onions are a classic complement in many meals, and are perfect caramelized, roasted, or diced and chopped for soups and other seasonal favorites, such as meatloaf or pot roast. Onions are loaded with options, and storing them for winter is one of them.

Halloween is creeping up, and there’s still time to get that perfect pumpkin for painting or carving. Whether you choose cute or scary, we have a variety of sizes and colors straight from the patch. We’re fully stocked with your favorite seasonal delights, like floral decorations, freshly-baked breads and pastries, coffee, and naturally-scented soaps.

Thank you for your continued support of our local friends and farmers. Join us for our season finale, Saturday, 8am-1pm, at Falls Park.

Until next season, that’s all, folks.