We have the sweetest corn!

426e80a5-e931-40c6-89b5-812f42cff36ePlant yourself at Falls Park Farmers Market and let your culinary senses sprout. We bring the gardens and fields to you, primed and arranged for your shopping excursion. Stop by to indulge in the scenic atmosphere, and join the locals for your morning cup of freshly-brewed coffee or tea.

If it’s a gift from the kitchen you’re after, spoil yourself with jams, jellies, apple butters, and salsas, made fresh every week, or brighten your home with the freshest produce and perennial assortments around.

The herbs are in mint condition, the meats will spice up your mood, and corn will pop with sweet possibilities.

Change up your Saturday morning routine and join us, from 8am-1pm, at Falls Park.

Did you know you can roast watermelon seeds and eat them like sunflower seeds? It’s like a snack within a snack!

An average-sized cantaloupe contains just 100 calories, along with loads of nutrients. Who knew healthy could be so sweet?

Herbs typically come from the leaf of a plant, and humans have been using them to heal, soothe and flavor food since 1,500 BC!