Local Vendors Thankful For Recent Rain

Courtsey of KeloLand

It’s been a rainy couple of weeks in KELOLAND, but the weather doesn’t seem to be dampening the mood at the Falls Park Farmers Market. In fact, the produce vendors are thankful for the rain.

When it comes to weather, Laura Warner says she has a preference for her crops.

“At this time of year, cold and rainy,” Warner said. “When we get a little bit further on, then we’re gonna want the dry and hot.”

Meaning, this Farmers Market vendor is pleased with the recent conditions, which have been helpful to her potatoes, raddishes, carrots, and other root crops. Even though the cold and rain aren’t the best for her tomatoes, Harriet Kattenberg, who grows about 300 different types of plants each year, agrees.

“It was too dry,” Kattenberg said. “The wells weren’t running anymore, and so we needed the rain, it’s been awesome.”

Kattenberg has been selling her produce at the Falls Park Farmers Market for 16 years, and even though the past four Saturdays haven’t been the best for customers, she’s hopeful for better weather in the future.

The Falls Park Farmers Market has about 23 vendors, selling anything from tomatoes and flowers, to bread and even jewelry.

When it comes to being a customer at a farmers market, Warner says one of the biggest advantages is being able to talk to the person who produced the product.

“You can’t go into the grocery store, look at the bread, and say, well, you know, how much salt did you put in that?” Warner said. “And, you know, you can go right over there and ask him, and he’ll be able to tell you.”

An aspect that both Warner and Kattenberg say customers are looking for, especially with their food.

The Falls Park Farmers Market is open each Saturday, as well as the Sioux Empire Farmers Market at 8th & Railroad. The Prairie Farmer’s Market at Cherapa Place is also open each Saturday, and each Tuesday.