Stock up on summer produce

2014_EmailBlast_Pictures_OUR_Layered_375x250_ProductLine-ApplesAs the temperature cools down and the air gets crisper, summer is fading fast, and so are summer crops. Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up! Get your melons, sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and other summer crops this Saturday at the Falls Park Farmers Market!

Of course as summer is retreating, autumn is rolling in, and so are the crops! Pick up some Brussels sprouts, berries and eggplant, and be prepared for plenty of more fall crops to come!

As always we have plenty of non-seasonal products including pastries, pastas, coffee, meats and wood-fired pizza!

Summer is ending but we still have a lot more coming! Stock up on your favorite summer produce and get ready for fall crops, this Saturday, 8am-1pm!

Known for their glossy, purple outsides, eggplants are secretly hiding spongy, white and deliciously bitter insides. Cut your eggplant with a stainless steel knife because carbon steel will turn it black.

Ranging from sweet to tangy, blueberries make a great snack for any appetite! Even more so because they are packed with health benefits like antioxidants which are especially beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Want to add some more color to your healthy greens? Try some brightly colored, rainbow-stemmed Swiss chard! Try sautΓ©ing some Swiss chard with orange juice and zest for some bright, citrusy flavor!