Summer favorites are here!

2014_EmailBlast_Pictures_OUR_Layered_375x250_ProductTesting_WatermelonWith the summer season nearing an end, it’s time to stock up on all of your favorite summer crops at the Falls Park Farmers Market!

Get your melons, Brussels sprouts, berries, beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more. And don’t miss out on our fresh honey, homemade candies, pastas, coffee, meats and wood-fired pizza!

Whether you pickle it, can it, freeze it, or just eat it fresh, get all of your favorite summer treats while you can at the Falls Park Farmers Market this Saturday, 8am-1pm!

Staying away from Brussels sprouts because of their smell? These little cabbages only smell bad when overcooked. When cooked correctly, they’re scrumptious!

Raspberries are packed full of dietary fiber, even though it might be hard to see because it is mostly in the berry’s tiny seeds. Choose brightly colored and plump raspberries for the most flavor.

Don’t worry about corn being too sugary or unhealthy. An ear of corn has one-fourth the amount of sugar that an apple has. So go ahead and nibble on these yummy kernels.