Get Fresh Without Getting Dirty


If you didn’t make it to our opening market day last weekend, don’t worry, we’re open again this Saturday, and every Saturday through October! And while you’re there, pick up the perfect gift for mom.

What does shopping at the Falls Park Farmers Market mean for you? For starters, you get to enjoy garden-fresh produce without getting your hands dirty; leave that to our farmers and vendors. Not to mention you know where it came from, and who it came from. Go ahead, ask our farmers about how your fruits and veggies were grown, when they were picked, heck, even shake their hand; you can’t do that at a supermarket.

And since the Falls Park Farmers Market is the biggest farmers market around, you get a wide selection of produce, plus a wide selection of other goods including meats, breads, pastries, eggs, pasta, coffee, honey, flowers, wood-fired pizza, the list goes on.

So head down to the Falls Park Farmers Market, this Saturday, 8am-1pm!