Lake Thompson Honey Company

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Cindy and David Folsland

Lake Thompson Honey Company

44244 218th Street
Oldham, SD 57051


Lake Thompson Honey Company is a family owned, third generation beekeeping company. The bees our located in Eastern South Dakota, and they run about 2000 colonies. They produce local clover honey, and other honey and beeswax related products right on the farm in Oldham, SD.  They started packaging and selling honey at farmers markets and festivals in 2006.

List of Products

Local clover honey in various sizes
raw honey
comb honey
creamed honey
honey straws
bee pollen
beeswax candles
beeswax blocks
all natural beeswax lip balm
all natural beeswax hand cream
all natural beeswax lotion bar
all natural beeswax and honey soap
beeswax wood polish

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